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  • Fanless Computer RK3399 Industrial Box PC with 4K HDM-in & 4G 5G LTE & Tuner (APC820)

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  • Android Digital Signage Media Player Hardware (APC395X3)

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  • Android Mini Computer with HDMI-in (APC390R)

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  • Android Box with 4G LTE & Zigbee Gateway (GTW390R)

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  • 4G LTE Android TV Box (ATV329A)

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  • Android Box with Dual HDMI outputs (ATV1660K)

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  • Amlogic S905X4 Android Box with Dual ATSC Tuner (ATV698DMAX)

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  • 4K Streaming Stick Android 9.0 HDMI Dongle (ATV195Y4)

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  • Amlogic S905X4 Android Digital Signage Media Player Quad Core 4K (ATV496MAX)

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  • Google Certified STB with Tuner(ATV598Max)

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  • Google Certified STB (ATV495Max)

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  • 4K Android 11 OTT Box With AV1 Support (ATV315Y4)

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