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  • 4K Ultra HD Live Streaming Game Grabber USB-C to HDMI Video Capture Device (U1000)

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  • 4K HDMI to USB Capture Dongle + Live Streaming (U900/U900 Pro)

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  • 4K USB HDMI Video Capture Card – Live Streaming Record (U800-II)

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  • MyGica Pad TV Tuner for Android Phone & Tablet

  • HD Video Game Capture Device HDMI Composite to USB (HD Cap X-II)

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  • HD PCIe Capture Card RAW Internal PCI-Express HDMI Video Capture

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  • UVC Composite Video Capture Card

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  • CVBS/S-Video to USB Video Capture Device

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  • MyGica USB TV Tuner for PC & Android Car / Android Box

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  • HD Dual Tuner for Mac & Win & Linux (A682/T232)

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  • PCIe TV Tuner Card for Windows & Linux PC

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  • Analog Tuner Stick for Windows PC (U720)

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